As if it didn’t need saying, the weather in Vancouver is and has been downright awful and depressing. Today, was another great slushy day in our fair city.

While the weather might make us wish for a multitude of things, like sunny beaches, I am craving for a slightly weird activity. I want to toss a baseball around. I miss the carefree sunny days where I’m standing on a beautiful lush green field with a slight breeze. I’ve got my well-worn Cooper lefty glove with me. I wind up and casually toss an MLB regulation size baseball to my compatriot across from me. I think it might be Reggie Jackson but it’s more likely to be my friend Rhonda.

Throwing the ball around is a classic summer activity. I just wish I could do it now. Maybe I’ll go put on my boots and find a slushly field this weekend.

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