If you live in the Lower Mainland, you no doubt were aware that we got hit with another snowstorm last night. I, for one, cannot remember a time when Vancouver has had so much extreme weather. Between the rain, the gale-force winds, and the blankets of snow, this has been a pretty miserable winter.

I wouldn’t mind it all, except for the fact that the weather causes a lot of problems city-wide. When it gets windy, the power goes out. In the last three months, I think the power has gone out more times than in the last three years combined. The last incident happened last week, where the power was out in my area for twelve hours. There was no heat, no hot water, and no Xbox 360. The wind also caused trees and light poles to topple. On one very particular windy day, it took me two hours to get to work. Who ever heard of traffic delays due to wind? Also, when it gets windy, they tend to close down the Lions Gate bridge. That means all traffic goes to the Second Narrows, along Hastings Street, which is of course, the route my bus goes along. It all makes for a great commute home.

Back to the snow though. This morning, my bus never came, leaving me to stand at the bus stop for about half an hour. The only thing that made it half-bearable was that I shared the bus shelter with this very attractive young lady. I finally had to take the Skytrain instead, which was actually not crowded at all this morning. I only was late perhaps 25 minutes or so to my surprise. While the snow seems to have stopped this evening, temperatures are supposed to drop way below freezing level overnight. The resulting ice should make it awesome for commuting and walking tomorrow morning.

How much longer will this weather last?

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