So last week, I was having lunch with a former co-worker and a current co-worker. We’d all worked at Backbone but now had moved onto other companies. I’m not sure how the discussion turned towards finances but here we were talking about money.

I mentioned how expensive it was to live in Vancouver. I told my friends that because I live in the boonies, I’ve been able to save up $9K since the beginning of June. Later, I went back to my spreadsheet and discovered, I’d saved about $1400 a month. I thought that was alright but one of my friends said that wasn’t a large amount at all.

I was kinda surprised because while it’s not spectacular, having your bank account grow $1400 a month is pretty good in my mind. My friend didn’t think so. The weird thing is, I’m pretty sure my expenses are lower than his and I’m almost certain I make at least $10K a year more than him. So, he’s gotta be saving less than what I’m capable of.

Millionaire stock brokers and bankers aside, is $1400 a month in the bank really a pittance? When it comes to money, I’m about clueless with that as I am with women. Could someone enlighten me?

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