This is the post where I’d love to tell you how exciting and refreshing my weekend was. I can’t do that however, since I worked both days of the weekend. The highlight of my weekend, sadly, had to do with food.

When I arrived at my new job at EAX/EA Vancouver/EA Blackbox, I asked around about the quality of OT meals. When someone told me, I realized things were a step up here compared to my old job. That’s not to disparage my old company, they did fine with food, and I even had an awesome steak one time for dinner. It’s just that EAX did things a bit different.

I got to work a bit late on Saturday but I went upstairs to see what lunch consisted of. It was a scrumptious feast that was a combination of lunch and brunch. There was sausages and bacon. Pastries and tarts. There was fruit on a silver platter and none of that cheap fruit. We’re talking pineapples, kiwi fruit, strawberries and kumquats. In one tray was an omlette chock full of meaty things.

I cursed myself for having lunch at home. I was there for dinner, so I got the full meal deal then. There was a dessert platter featuring tiny cakes and other little tarts. The fruit plate made a return with more exotic fruits. There was a delightful little salad. The main courses were some vegetarian dish and a tray full of roast chicken. I think they might have been game hens, not too sure.

Today, I arrived a little late for lunch, but I made sure I didn’t eat anything before leaving home. My strategy worked well. What greeted me in the lounge was another feast. First off was a terrific green bean salad with Alaskan king crab legs and prawns the size of small lobsters. Another plate had a selection of not one but two kinds of smoked salmon. In the warming trays were a kickass lasagna and a meatloaf that defied description. The fruit made it’s return as did the pastries, tarts, and little cakes.

For dinner, the main courses were eggplant (yuck) and a tray full of tender roast beef with mushrooms. The roast beef might seem like the highlight but you’d be wrong. For me, it was the salad. Yes, you read that correctly. The salad wasn’t complicated, with simple greens but the addition of goat cheese and a world-class raspberry vinaigrette made it my favourite. The fruit and pastries also made a return… blah… blah…

I went back for the salad three times during the evening. The last time, I picked out the goat cheese balls from the salad and spread them on some french bread we had lying around. Man, thems is tasty!

I might work OT tomorrow and that’d be a shame but if I do, at least the food will be good.

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