My long awaited Xbox 360 arrived via Canada Post in the mail today. Unfortunately, no one was able to answer the postperson’s knock on the door. They left a pickup card instead. I had a feeling it was going to arrive today. Other people in Vancouver who won were reporting their 360s arrived on Sunday. Greg, of gwilli fame, got his on Sunday as well.

Greg was so confident that I was going to get mine today that he bet me lunch it’d be waiting for me when I got back from work. Well, as I mentioned earlier, only a pick up card was waiting for me. So close! The card listed the delivery time as 9:30am. If I had known it was coming at that time I would have delayed my commute into work. Sure I would have been late but I would have made up for it. So, while I was on a damp and humid bus headed towards downtown Vancouver, my 360 was getting ever so close to my home. It was on my doorstep!

So it’ll be ready for pick up at the 7-11 just down street at 1pm tomorrow. I have decided to send an emissary, or as some people call him, my father, to pick up the precious cargo for me. I’ve warned him it would be disasterous if he dropped the package in any way.

Though the package comes with Project Gotham Racing 3, I think I’ll stop by the EA store tomorrow to pick up an EA-published game for cheap. I hear Carbon is good but I don’t want another racing game. There are the sports games but I’d prefer another genre. Though, I am interested in the new NHL game, having worked on the PS2 version many years ago.

The whole issue is slightly moo (how you doin’?) however, since I have no suitable display to play the 360 on. Playing a next-gen console on a standard definition TV is a waste of pixels. My new widescreen LCD monitor doesn’t arrive until Friday. What I’m left with is my trusty old 17″ CRT monitor with its quaint 4:3 aspect ratio, allowing me a maximum resolution of 1024 x 768.

I’ll be able to setup up 360, register my new gametag (say hi to Luvs2Spoog69!), sign up for my free month Xbox Live gold membership, and yes, even play a game or two.

And finally, though my own Xbox 360 is sitting in some mail sorting plant right now, here’s a picture of someone else’s Xbox 360 prize pack.

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