In an earlier post I mentioned I had won an Xbox 360 in a Pepsi contest. The rules stated that winners should expect their prizes in 8 to 10 weeks. In reality though, winners of the 40″ LCD TV were getting their sweet prizes in less than two weeks. Also, a friend of mine who won an Xbox 360 in last year’s contest said he got his in four weeks, even though they said 8 to 10 weeks as well.

So if you read any kind of news over the weekend, you might know that two new game consoles were released to the public. Both the PS3 and the Wii made their North American debuts. No one I knew got a PS3 but several people at work mentioned how they managed to snag a Wii. I got to hear them describing the new Wii remote and games such as Wii sports and Zelda.

I really, really want my Xbox 360 now. Perhaps next week will be the week.

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