I was delighted to leave work at 6pm today. It’s so nice to have just a regular work day. I arrived at my bus stop with a few minutes to spare. The 160 soon arrived at the stop. I usually take the 190. The 160 driver opened the door and yelled at us. She told us that it was parking lot between Main St. and SFU. That’s a massive stretch, spanning the cities of Vancouver and Burnaby. She recommended we take the train. She meant the West Coast Express. With that, she drove off.

The 190 still wasn’t there but I began to hem and haw. If it indeed was a parking lot between Main St. and SFU, that would be a huge delay. It might be upwards to an extra hour of travel time. It was 6:10pm and I knew the last train left the station at 6:20pm.

I decided to go for it despite being at least five minutes away from the station and not having taken the train before. After a brisk walk, I entered the station at approx. 6:15pm and followed the signs. I was met with a ticket machine. I punched buttons and followed prompts as fast as I could. I quickly jammed in $6 worth of bils into the machine. This was gonna be a costly ride home.

With the ticket printed out, it was down to the escalator to the platform. No one was there to check my ticket. I entered the first car I saw and looked around. It was moderately full. I found a seat in the aisle and sat down. Two minutes later the train began to trundle away from the station.

The ride was quite smooth and I was unable to see much outside the windows. About twenty minutes later we were in Port Moody! Amazing! I de-trained with a bunch of other people. This was the neatest thing since sliced bread. After a ten minute walk, I was home by 6:50pm.

I’d like to do this more often but at $6 for a single ride home, that’s expensive.

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