A week ago, I predicted “business as usual” for the 2006 midterm elections in the US. I was wrong. At the time of this post, the Democrats control the House with a wide margin. Nancy Pelosi, stands to be the first female speaker of the House. I can’t imagine in a million years that the Republicans would ever let a female lead the House.

What’s even more surprising is that at this very minute, the Senate is still within grasp for the Democrats. They need two more contests to go their way and they’ll have it. Despite all the good signs of this evening, the Republicans will retain control there. Remember, the GOP still has the voting machines on their side.

The bad news continues with six more states voting to ban gay marriage. The states of Idaho, Colorado, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Virginia, and South Carolina all now have new material for their tourism campaigns! Way to go!

The overall interesting question is whether or not the US voters actively voted for change. Control of the goverment swings back and forth between those two parties naturally anyways just like how our magnetic poles do every couple thousands of years. Was this a conscious change or just nature working it’s usual magic? Hard to say.

Ok, back to Stewart and Colbert!

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