Lots of people were sick at work today. Most of them work directly with me on a particular part of the game. That made it kinda quiet around the office. It was nice to just work in peace.

In other news, I’m having lunch with Greg Williams on Wednesday. Yes, gwilli of the lunch blog fame. We work very close to each other now. I probably haven’t had a real sit down lunch with Greg in about five years. In half a decade, I’ve managed to see Greg a dozen or more times for less than a minute each time. It’s so weird. There was the time he gave me a twoonie before a stag at the UBC bus loop. There was a time he ran by me on Broadway near Oak to catch a bus. Or the time I actually saw him at the village buying lunch.

Assuming I spend an hour with him on Wednesday, that’ll be more Greg time than the five previous years combined.

I’m going to blog the lunch.

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