I mentioned it in previous posts before but I’ll write it again. I rarely make posts based on politics because I feel I don’t have the requisite knowledge to write a thoughtful essay. That doesn’t stop me from reporting about wang flies but that’s different topic altogether.

Anyways, the midterm elections are coming up in the US. Next Tuesday, millions of US voters will decide on the fate of congresspeople, senators, and state governors. At stake is the control of House and the Senate. This can either allow Dubya to “stay the course” for the next two years or make his political life an even greater hell.

According to the polls I’ve seen, the Democratic party stands an extremely good chance of winning back control of the House. They are unlikely to wrestle away control of the Senate from the Republicans.

If you also watch the US news, you’ll hear reports of US voters being unhappy with the how the country is being run and how they think the war in Iraq is going poorly. If you were to believe the polls and the news, you’d think the winds of change were in the air politically in the US. That’s complete BS if you ask me.

I’m going to say this with some decent confidence. Next Tuesday, US voters will leave control of both the Senate and House in the hands of the Republicans. I don’t care what the polls say or how many people have commented on how unhappy they are about the people leading their government.

The average US voter has given me no reason to believe they are any smarter than they were two years ago when they put Dubya back in the White House after he managed to muck up nearly everything he had his hands in. After all the Gitmos, the torturing, the secret prisons, Iraq, sexy e-mails with teenage boys, Haliburton, and many other scandals, I don’t think a single one of them even registers with the average US voter.

The Republicans could kill a baby on national TV and I doubt it’d affect their standing with most Americans. The average American is incapable of thinking about change and doing something about it. They would rather continue to lap up whatever the White House tells them to believe. When Bush said, “we’ve never been ‘stay the course'” I could see millions of Americans nodding in agreement and saying to themselves, “Nope, that’s right, he never said that once in six years.”

Nothing will change next Tuesday. I will briefly revisit this issue next Wednesday but it won’t take long to write “I was right”.

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