The long weekend is over and by most people’s standards, the summer is also over. I always align the beginning of May as the beginning of summer because for university students, that’s when classes end. May is also when the movie studios mark the start of their summer season.

Four months have come and gone. It seems like not a lot happened but then if you kinda squint at my summer, yeah, a few things changed here and there. I can tell you it was lot different than last summer. Oh the previous summer started off with me just finished my degree and being unemployed. Soon after, I got a job at Backbone and thus started my new career. Looking back at those four months, the summer of 2005 was pretty damn good. Lots of my friends were still in Vancouver and I still had my apartment on campus.

This summer was a bit different. I started May off on a vacation of sorts, a reward for working long hours on a game that had been in production for over a year. I’ll be honest here and say I have some serious doubts if that game will ever see the light of day. The rest of May was spent trying to get used to the new project I was on. By June, things were rolling alright at work but things weren’t perfect. Then July rolled around and things got crazy. For about three weeks, I had no idea if I was going to take a job with EA or if I was going to stay. The decision gnawed at me for a long time and I really burned a lot of time that I could used to enjoy the nice weather.

Well, with the decision made, I received a week off at the beginning of August to recharge and relax. I can’t even remember most of what the hell I did with that time. I know I didn’t go away but I do remember seeing Superman Returns and having a few drinks with Tim and Ron.

All of August has been essentially a blur to me. From the two weeks in Burnaby to the rest of the time downtown, it’s been a whirlwind of new terminology, new processes, new faces, and new places. Hell, it’s already the fifth of September tomorrow. A sixth of the month is already over.

Yes, the forecast calls for sunny skies tomorrow but by month’s end, the all too familiar crispness of Vancouver autumns will be creeping in. The grey won’t be far too behind with the rain. This fall, I’m going buy one of those full spectrum, natural light desk lamps for work. I don’t think I get depressed during the rainy season but hey, it can’t hurt.

Well, at least hockey is going to start soon!

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