So I’ve started to eat poutine on a regular basis. What was something I ate maybe every couple months has turned into a once a week snack for me. A delicious but oh so unhealthy snack. It all started a few weeks back when we all went out for Tyson’s farewell bash. The evening started out well with dinner but as far as drinking binges go, it was a pretty tame night. At 2am, with everyone way more sober than was reasonable, someone had the fabulous idea to go to Fritz’s European Fry House.

I gotta tell you, that place makes the most kick ass poutine. I sampled some of their wares and it was awesome. If it weren’t so far away, I’d go there for lunch on a regular basis. Wait, maybe I can take the bus! Well, anyways, since then I’ve been trying out poutine from a few different places.

Take it from me, do not get the poutine from New York Fries. It may seem logical that a place named New York Fries is incapable of making a dish from Quebec but I had to find out the hard way. Plus, is it just me or does 100% of people who buy from New York Fries are teenage girls? Fries in general are bad for you and should only be purchased when feeding a temporary craving.

Anyways, keeping that in mind, I’ve discovered a happy medium in the poutine from A&W. The gravy is tasty, maybe a tad too salty but that is a very minor complaint. I also like the cheese curds they use as well. They also don’t skimp on the gravy which is one of the reasons why NY Fries gets a thumbs down.

I am hoping this thing I have for poutine will soon pass because it’s not a very healthy thing to be doing. There’s 26g of fat in a small A&W poutine alone. Four grams of that is the bad trans fat! I think I’ll go to Fritz’s this weekend and get it this poutine thing out of my system. Get it??!?! Out of my system?!?! That’s a POOP joke!

And I’m going to go drink some non-caffeinated Coke.

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