About half an hour ago I was really hungry but my culinary choices were limited at home. I didn’t want to go out either, so I decided on some frozen pancakes. I had two which were awesome and certainly hit the spot. Then I thought that I was too hungry for two pancakes to satisfy me, so I made two more. I regret eating four pancakes now.

In other news, I’ve come to the conclusion that my ears are witness to at least one police car chase a week. Please let me explain the situation. I live two short blocks away from St. John’s Street, a major traffic artery in lovely Port Moody. I’m also up on a hill, so sound travels from St. John’s quite easily to my place.

About every seven days or so, in the early morning hours, I always hear a distinct sequence of sounds emanating the major thoroughfare. The first thing I hear are several sets of police sirens off in the distance. They get louder and more distinct as the seconds pass. It’s clear that there’s more than one emergency vehicle, so it can’t be an ambulance or a fire truck. As the vehicles get closer, I then hear the whine and roar of engines from several vehicles. The sound of the engines indicate that all vehicles involved are travelling at extremely high speed. At their closest point of transit, I can hear them whip by.

I suppose it could be three or four police cars all responding to an emergency elsewhere but that seems unlikely. How often do three or four patrol cars all respond to the same incident while travelling together?

If I’m correct then, police car chases occur quite often in my neighbourhood. If this is actually true, I’m quite concerned then. If they have to happen, I wish I would at least like to know how the chase ends. Police chases never end up in a public crime blotter, unless something really bad happens.

I’ll end this post with a recorded police chase.


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