Tonight, I had the infinite pleasure of dining with an old friend from my undergrad days. Dave and his lovely (and very pregnant) wife Abigail are back in Vancouver after spending two years in Halifax while he learned the ins and outs of endocrinology. A bit of trivia, Abigail now sees patients at the medical clinic where my own person physician works. Small world!

Speaking of my own personal physician, he called Dave up earlier today to see if he wanted to go out for all you can eat sushi. Dave told him he’d already agreed to go out to dinner with me. When he heard that, my doctor said to bring me along! Man, that would have been weird, eating sushi with my own doctor, his family, Dave, Dave’s parents, and some other people.

Dave decided we should probably go on with our original plans which I thought was a good idea since I haven’t seen him in two years so it would be nice to catch up on things. We settled on Capone’s in Yaletown for our restaurant.

It was nice seeing Dave and hearing about what’s going on in his life these days. It was especially generous of Dave to spend some time with me since he’s studying for an important exam. Not only did he spend time, he also paid for our meal! Thanks Dave.

You know, the trend lately in my life has been me losing friends left and right but it’s nice to know you can gain them back as well. Hey, Dave and I might even start playing Xbox together!

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