So on Saturday night, I’m coming home from Safeway, primarily to pick up some caffeine-free Coke. I’m driving and I’m stopped for a red light as the lead car in the right hand lane at the intersection of Clarke and Como Lake.

I’m waiting and then I hear this short beep of the horn. I think it’s coming from my left. I ignore it. I hear the beep again. I turn to my left. The car next to me is some blue Volvo I believe. I look at the front two passengers of the car and they’re both looking straight ahead. It doesn’t seem like that car was doing the honking.

I look at the rear passengers of the Volvo. I see two girls in their twenties. The one closest to me starts smiling and waving. She’s wearing an orange toque of some sort and her wavy brunette hair is poking out from underneath that.

So, I start to smile and wave to her, even though at the same time, I’m thinking, “I have no idea who you are.” After a few awkward seconds of mutual hand waving and smiling, I turn back to face the light. The light turns green soon after and I drive off.

They make a left somewhere down the road and they’re gone. As I continue driving, I’m trying to think who do I know would venture out in the boonies. I quickly come up with the answer of no one. I didn’t recognize any of the occupants of the car. Also, nearly everyone I’m friends with lives west of Granville Street. Those who don’t I would recognize in an instant.

I’m almost home before I realize I could have rolled down the window and yelled out, “Do I know you?” Then again, as I write this, maybe that the whole thing was a ploy so that I would roll down my window and they could throw something at me. Though, that seems pretty far-fetched.

I might never know who that was.

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