All through the day, I was trying to think of what I’d be writing tonight. I had a very big post in mind but I think I’ll save that for later in the week. I also thought of a rant I’d like to write but then again, I went to the Atlantic Trap and Gill last night which was also interesting. So I’m gonna mash those topics into one poorly written post.

I’ve decided that my former and beloved graduate residence, St. John’s College is a lot less fun that it used to be. This is only my opinion but all the interesting characters that used to be drawn to that place have been replaced by boring morons. Where’s my evidence? I ask you to find a single person that plays croquet at SJC. Yep, I’m basing it on the fact that no one at SJC even uses the two croquet sets that are sitting in the pool room closet. Back when I used to walk to school uphill both ways, croquet was the sport to play in the courtyard. From the likes of Dana, Bryan, and Kent, newbie residents were taught the finer points of ball striking and mallet handling.

Croquet was a social sport that brought together residents and initiated friendships. As the finest residents that SJC had ever seen began to move out, they were replaced with asshats who didn’t care for croquet. Not only did they not care for croquet, they did not care for tradition, SJC tradition to be exact. They went about their own business, not even realizing for a moment that the place they stayed in had a history that pre-dated even their own egotistical undergrad days.

Ok, it’s getting late so I have no time to talk about the Trap and Gill. Suffice to say, the place is a lot more interesting when you’re the only non-white person there except for Tim and Ron.

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