Over a month ago, a new producer joined the Sonic project. Zoe has been a great addition to the team. She’s helped smooth out the crazy process of trying to get a video game done on time. Plus, being in a video game company, it’s always nice to have another female around to help fix the gender ratio.

A few days ago, while we were unpacking the Thai food that the team had ordered for dinner, Zoe mentioned our team had the least nerdy programmers she had ever seen. I asked her how many programmers she had seen before coming to the company. She said lots since she had worked at a school where programming had been taught.

Apparently, until taking her current job, she’d never met any programmers that worked out during their lunch hours. About half the Sonic programmers go to the gym regularly during their lunch hour. Some of them are actually quite buff.

In general, I’ve been quite surprised by how non-stereotypical most of the programmers are in the company. Some have girlfriends and a lucky few have even managed to marry a woman. A lot of programmer participate in sports and have interests outside of the computer.

And you learned something today…

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