Further to my previous post about my change in jobs, I’ve discovered an interesting development. I’ve only been at two jobs where business cards have been made up for me. The first was when I was working as a mechanical engineer in 1999. The company I was with had business cards done up for all the employees. About a month later, I quit my job and was left with a stack of useless business cards. I hated that job so I’m pretty sure I tossed all those cards into the trash after I took them home. I wish I had kept at least one of them.

So, when I was given a whole of box of business cards in late May of this year, I did actually think about what happened the last time I got cards. I shrugged it off and thought it was just silly thinking. Here we are though, less than two months after getting those cards and I’m about to head off to EA.

Out of the three real, full-time jobs I’ve had, business cards have spelled the demise of two of the jobs!

If I make it to the point where EA wants to give me business cards, I might actually tell them to not bother.

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