I saw Clerks 2 on the weekend. It was an entertaining movie which was almost funny from start to finish. It was absolutely hilarious in several parts, especially a scene where two parties engaged in a Star Wars vs. Lord of the Rings debate. I am sure such a debate has occurred in parents’ basements a million times over!

Now, the movie isn’t for everyone and it’s something I accept. If you like Jay and Silent Bob, and the other characters in that universe, you won’t want to miss this flick. Now as surprising as it seems for a movie that features a donkey sex scene and a frank discussion about ass-to-mouth, this film does have an honest emotional heart to it.

The movie would be pointless if it was just a series of crude jokes strung together, intercut with Jay dancing and swearing. It actually does have a story to it which makes the ending all them more satisfying.

As always, head on over to Kevin Smith’s blog for some good readin’.

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