I have decided I’m going to try to eliminate, as much as possible, french fries and soft drinks (soda or pop if you will) from my diet. This doesn’t mean I won’t swear off them completely but as much as I can, I will try not to consume those items.

I had one french fry last Wednesday when I took it off someone’s plate during dinner. Previous to that time, I can’t recall when I had fries. The pop thing will be harder. I usually have one can of Coke a day at work for the caffeine. I didn’t have a can yesterday but I did drink half a can today because I needed a boost before a meeting. I’m trying to get all my caffeine, if possible, from green tea instead.

A co-worker of mine avoided pizza and french fries for an entire year because someone bet him he couldn’t. That co-worker is in China now… not because of the bet but because I just wanted to tell you that. Anyways, he did avoid pizza and french fries for an entire year. Good for you Nigel.

Here’s to healthier eating, which is a good step towards healthy eating.

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