Yes, I said I’d try to post less videos but the Harvard Class Day speeches have become something of a yearly tradition here at et.com. It all started with the man himself, Will Ferrell, who introduced me to Harvard’s Class Day. His speech was fantastic.

Then, I featured the sensation from Staines, Ali G. He wowed the ivy-league audience with his street lingo where he mentioned movies like “Backdoor Burglar” and “Shaven Buffet”. Videos do exist of this speech but they are heavily edited. A full, unedited transcript of the speech exists for the history books and I recommend a read.

This year, Family Guy creator, Seth MacFarlane was asked to address the Harvard grads on Class Day. The video above is part two of four and features MacFarlane doing Peter Griffin. The rest of the parts can be found here. While entertaining, I will admit the speeches by Will Ferrell and Ali G were funnier. Still, Harvard seems to pull out all the stops for their grads. If only I were as well endowed as they are. Bada bing! I love university jokes.

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