So now that I’m on a new web host, all my traffic stats are crunched through a report generator so I get all the data in an easily digestible form. One of the reports shows me what kind of search terms people use to get to my site. I took a screenshot of said report and highlighted one of the terms below:

Now, I don’t think I’ve ever written anything about seeing my Mom or any Mom in a thong, so I’m not sure what relevance my site had to do with that. Dude, whoever you are, good luck in dealing with that memory.


Even at a video game company, people can run the risk of getting bored of doing the same tasks over the course of time. I’ve heard and read that when employees get the chance to complete side projects of their own suggestion, they feel more empowered and more connected with their job.

To make a long story short, I’m now in charge of starting up the software engineering co-op program at my company. Many, many moons ago, I was in the co-op program at UBC. It was a great program for me to be in. Not only did it give me relevant summer employment, I also learned what type of jobs I really despised. Most importantly, it also taught me the great influence a suitable mentor can have on young engineer. I promised myself that if I ever was in a position to “give back” to the co-op students, so to speak, I would.

I pitched the idea to several higher-ups last week and I got positive reactions all around. They even seemed pretty confident with my abilities to start the program off in the right direction. In the last several days, I’ve been in touch with co-op offices at science and engineering at UBC. It all appears to be coming together so far. I’m also hoping to make a presentation on Friday to upper management about how we’re going to proceed. This may seem strange but I’m really looking forward to talking to all these people. I love making presentations. I only learned how to use Powerpoint in 2004. Thanks for the lesson RW!

Anyways, I’m quite excited about co-op at the company and while it’s fun to write code, this will be a good side project for me.


So remember when my web site and e-mail server was hijacked about a week and a half ago? I managed to get that server shut down but did you know that it also hosted web sites and e-mail accounts for several other people?

When the server got shut off, all those people lost access to their web sites and e-mail as well. Mind you, they probably had their passwords changed just like me. I wonder if anyone called to complain?

And on that note, here are someone’s top ten worst April Fool’s Day Hoaxes.


On this glorious day that was this sunny Saturday I had to go to work. Yeah, it’s not my favourite part of the job either but I do what is necessary. Anyways, I had some errands to run so I couldn’t get to the office until the early afternoon. I also decided to drive to work.

I still haven’t figured out the best route to work from Port Moody but I settled on one that required me to only make three turns. I’d boot along the Barnet until I got downtown, left on Burrard, and then left onto W. 1st Ave.

The trip was uneventful until I got downtown along the Burrard, just blocks away from the bridge. Traffic came to a standstill and it was because of some sorta parade for world peace. It blocked off all lanes of Burrard and their were police monitoring the situation. A quick left and then a right brought me to Howe which would lead me to the Granville St. bridge. It wasn’t that big of a detour in the whole grand scheme of things.

I was about halfway across the bridge when I saw that a trolley bus was about ten or so car lengths ahead of me. I’m not sure if the bus had reached a junction point or not but the driver lost both of his poles. Now, if you’ve lived in Vancouver for any amount of time, the sight of a trolley bus losing connection with the overhead wires is probably something you’ve seen many times before.

Today, however, was something I’d never seen before. One of the poles swung up when it lost contact with the wire. The other did same thing but I think it hit some wires and/or some equipment along the wires either on the way up or down. It must have made a short circuit by touching both wires at the same time because it made a dazzling display of sparks that wowed myself and other drivers around me. Keep in mind we were in the bright sun, so the fact we saw so many sparks was pretty amazing. After the two second light show, the left pole then broke in half and I could see it fall on top of the bus and then onto the roadway. I had never seen a trolley pole break off before.

When the pole broke, it sent a shockwave through the grid of trolley wires that run along the entire length of the bridge. I’m not talking plucking guitar strings here, there was some wild movement of wires, much like the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. By now, the four or so cars behind the bus all braked and the car directly behind the bus stopped completely. I was behind that car, so I signaled and moved into the other lane.

As I got closer to the bus, I could see a large piece of the pole had landed behind the bus but amazingly had not blocked any other lanes. Through the driver side window, I could also see the driver putting on a safety vest to get ready to go behind the bus. I’m pretty sure at that point, he didn’t know he had actually broken a pole.

I didn’t stick around to see what happened afterwards but I’m certain he would have limped the rest of the way along the bridge using battery power and then kicked out all the passengers at the next stop.

And that’s the most exciting thing to happen to me today.


If the free t-shirts weren’t enough, I decided to give away free e-mail accounts using my domain. Oddly enough, I’ve actually received requests in the past for accounts on my server. For some reason, people wanted to be dave@erwintang.com or paris@erwintang.com. Well, now that can finally come true.

I have 500 e-mail accounts available to give away. There’s no chance I’ll use all of those for myself, so anyone can get a free account if you want one. Each account has a tiny 10 Mb allocation for space, so don’t expect this to be a Gmail or Hotmail type account, please keep this in mind. Nonetheless, each account features a powerful but adjustable spam filter, address book, calendar, message filtering, delayed delivery abilities, and option to check your mail using your favourite mail application.

For the most part, you can use any web browser to check your erwintang.com account from any where in the world. Click here for a screenshot of the interface.

If you’re serious about using the account, even if it’s only to use for contest entering or newsletters for example, e-mail me your desired username and we can get started. To be clear, here are some details you should know about. I’ll give you a default password to begin with. You can change that to anything you want so you can get some privacy. Keep in mind, I have no ability to see how much you use your account, so if you feel like you’re not using it, please tell me so I can delete your account. I won’t delete your account without warning. I can’t see myself deleting accounts willy-nilly unless I have a good reason to.

So, who wants to join the erwintang.com team?!?!?!


There’s no time for a big post tonight because my evenings have been quite busy lately. Perhaps I’ll have more to say later about that. I also nearly rendered my blog unreadable earlier tonight when I started screwing around with some settings. A few e-mails later to tech support and I was able to right the ship.

The weekend will hold more time for me to get some things fixed. In the meantime, please take this quiz.


It may seem the same on the outside but old et.com is definitely new underneath the hood. If you’re reading this, that’s a good sign that the transitition has gone somewhat smoothly.

I’m on a new web host now and for the first time ever in the history of this site, I’m paying for hosting space and traffic, plus e-mail. I now have space and bandwidth limitation to think about. I think my previous e-mail server allowed me to have an account that grew to easily over 100 Mb worth of messages. I now have 25 Mb to work with.

I no longer can use Pine to check my e-mail. I use this Web-based application which is taking some time to get used to. The cool thing is that I am no longer deluged with spam. The filters at my new host take away every penis enlargement message that I used to get.

A lot of stuff is still missing from the site and it will take some time for me to get everything the way it was. I also still have no access to my e-mails from the previous four years.

Well, in a few days, things will look a lot better. I even have some surprises in store!