On the weekend, I had a lot of material in my head for posting. I thought I had enough ideas to last well into this week. Tonight, I find myself wondering what exactly those ideas were. I should write these things down when inspiration strikes me.

Today, I got moved into a new area of the office so that I could join my new team. I wasn’t too pleased about that. I had a sweet corner desk which was pretty much secluded. I also had a lot of desk space and shelves. I was by a window that faced an inner courtyard.

My new desk is tiny compared to my old one. There’s also a lot of foot traffic right by my desk. People can also see my monitor from half a dozen places. No, I don’t surf for porn at work nor do I slack off every five minutes to check my personal mail but no one likes the feeling that you can be constantly monitored. This will take some getting used to. As the schedule is now, I’ll be there for a little over a month.

As a final note, I’ve started the ordering process for the t-shirts. I’ve received everyone’s sizes and the order should be sent out sometime this week. If everything goes well, expect you shirt near the end of May.

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