I went to the Eatery for dinner tonight. It’s a nice place with some fabulous food and a really great atmosphere. While we were dining, Sarah pointed out the restaurant sold Eatery merchandise, specifically panties (link has music). You can see actual customers modeling said panties in photos when you go to the bathroom.

This only makes me want to order up a batch of panties myself and see if I can give them away. Sarah says that would be creepy. I don’t see the difference between the Eatery selling panties and me giving them away. Anyways, the debate rages on.

On the t-shirt front (get it? ha ha ha), I have sizes from everyone except Nic, Chris D, and Jonathan. Nic probably didn’t check his e-mail. Chris D probably read my e-mail but is way too busy to respond just yet. Jonathan didn’t get an e-mail and probably hasn’t read this post, which would make it a good time to make fun of him. Let’s hope those three send in their info so I can start the ordering process.

And last but not least, let me publicly congratulate Tyson for being formally accepted into the medical school at Memorial University. He’s been working his ass off for about a year studying for the MCAT and finishing his Ph.D thesis. He might even get into a few more schools as well, so the celebrating might not end here. In any case, good job Bone!

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