I got nothing cohesive tonight since I sent all my good material to the Economist. Instead, you’ll ramblings which probably won’t make a lot of sense.

First, if you absolutely have to eat fast food, I recommend eating Wendy’s. Their burgers are never greasy and if you pick the chili or a salad for a side, you’ll never have to eat fatty fries again. Just make sure you don’t pick a fat-laden salad dressing.

Over the weekend, a 12 year-old girl went missing from the downtown eastside. She was visiting Vancouver with her dad. They were staying at a hotel near Main and Hastings. Who books a downtown eastside hotel and thinks that’s a great place for a child to stay? The girl was found unharmed but seriously, that dad needs a hotel guide or something.

I played baseball on Sunday and I caught an infield fly ball for an out. It felt satisfying. Tyson, I even wore the shirt you got for me from Vegas.

What’s with the stupid construction along Broadway near Main? On Sunday, they closed it down to one lane, with east- and west-bound traffic having to alternate using that single lane. Broadway is a major traffic artery… you can’t do that on a long weekend.

It’s been four days since I’ve been at work, I wish we could go for five.

I owe $0.08 to the federal government for my remaining student loan. I guess you can say I don’t owe anyone anything anymore. If only you could farm money like you can farm gold in WoW.

I wanted to make a grill cheese sandwich today but apparently the cheese had to be thrown out since it had become mouldy.

By the time you read this, a box of et.com t-shirts will be making their way west from Ontario.

Seacrest out.

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