I used to ride the bus along Granville Street twice a day going to and from work. Because of the construction for the new rapid transit line, virtually all vehicle traffic has been diverted off Granville.

The #50 bus actually turns onto Granville for two short blocks on the south end but other than that, you can’t really ride down Granville anymore. The timing is usually wrong for me but I was able to catch the #50 this morning into work. When we were on Granville I realized how little of the street I’d seen since the end of April. It appeared that a new restaurant was about to open and there were a few new shops to open as well.

I can see why some of the local businesses along Granville were worried when the buses stopped running. I should take a stroll down Granville sometime soon, starting from the Cecil (you know, ’cause it’s a good place to start) right on down to Waterfront station.

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