It’s one of those nights where I don’t have the time to hammer out a thought-provoking, relevant, serious yet amusing post. So instead, let’s play a game. Can you guess why I didn’t have time? Just leave your answer as a comment.

The person with the best entry gets a free t-shirt (see post below). Now, while I’m on the subject of t-shirts, I’m kinda amazed that so few people have signed up for some swag. Considering I’m paying for the shirts and the shipping, it’s a pretty good deal. Either you don’t want a piece of clothing (which is ok) or you’re too lazy to leave a comment or send an e-mail (which would be lame). I have a third theory, which is some of you don’t want me to know you’re visiting my site. Yeah, I know some of you mofos are lurkers. That’s cool too, because in the end, you’re still reading my stuff and that’s all I ask for. Though, come on, free stuff!

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