Today for lunch, a co-worker and myself wanted to try this Thai place on 4th that we had passed by a couple days ago. When we got there, it was closed. This place was only open for lunch on Mondays and Fridays. That’s a bit weird.

The Flying Swan is closed on Wednesdays. There’s a Greek place by our work that’s closed on Mondays. It’s hard to keep track of all these different places and when they’re closed and when they’re open.

Closed on Mondays, I’ve heard of that before. Closed on any other days, that’s something I need to get used to. Maybe it’s carefree Kits lifestyle. Restaurant owners need a break to enjoy life. If that’s the case, good for them, but I gotta a blog to write here.

We went to Connie’s instead, sweet and sour pork with rice.

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