Hey, it’s a stat holiday tomorrow, so I’m looking forward to sleeping in. Anyways, are you aware that Vancouver has a professional hockey team? Yeah, well that team, after having a very impressive start to the season, had a spectacular meltdown in the last 15 or so games.

They lost games they knew they had to win and collectively stumbled about like a drunk. Mercifully, they were eliminated from playoff contention tonight after failing to hold three separate leads in the game versus the Sharks.

Fans of the team have been selling off their tickets at prices less than face value for over a week now. With the team officially out of the playoffs now, I expect ticket brokers to be flush with dumped and cheap tickets for the last game of the season on Saturday against the Avalanche.

I haven’t attended a hockey game at the Garage since 2002. Perhaps, this might be the right time to go again. Cheap tickets plus the last game of a disappointing season could mean a fun Saturday night. Who wants to go with me? I’m serious!

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