When I was younger, I used to wear low top socks with shorts. Because these socks came up beyond my ankles, I’d get these ridonkulous tan lines. They were very unsightly.

In my university days, I finally got around the problem in a most economical way. Normal length athletic socks come in packs of 12 or so for really cheap, less than $10. I used to cut each pair of socks down to just below my ankle. Problem solved and for much cheaper than the $4 or $5 you’d need to spend a *single* pair of ankle socks.

Of course, just like when your Mom tries to make restaurant food, things weren’t exactly all good. Because I’d cut the socks off so low, there wasn’t any elastic at the cut off area. If my shoes weren’t on, I’d constantly be slipping out of the socks. Plus, I’d eyeball where I’d cut the sock, so it’s quite possible to have varying lengths on each foot. Comments were made about my ghetto socks but hey, it did the job more or less.

The most annoying thing about my homebrew socks was when I went hiking. Whenever I went downhill along a trail, these socks would slip off ankle and bunch up near the front of my foot, inside my hiking shoes. I’d have to stop every once in a while, undo my shoes, pull up my socks again and begin the cycle anew.

A few weeks ago, I was at Old Navy when I saw they had 6-packs of white ankle socks for sale. The cost was $12 per package. Not bad I thought. I was in a hurry, so I didn’t buy them that time.

Yesterday, I wore shorts for the first time this year while I was hiking around Buntzen Lake. I also wore my ghetto socks. During the first descent, my damn socks started to bunch up again. I decided then and there I was through with my ghetto socks. I have a job now, so $12 for 6 pairs of socks ain’t that bad. As soon as I finished the hike, I drove to Old Navy and bought them white ankle socks.

After I got them home, I tried a pair on for size. I tell ya, the elastic is the whole key to the operation. There will be no bunching up the next time I go hiking with these bad boys.

And that concludes my post on socks.

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