As first reported by Sarah, Katie Holmes gave birth today to a girl. The future Scientologist was of course, fathered by Tom Cruise. Despite his earlier statements, Cruise stated in a later report that he does not plan on eating the placenta. I really, really, really hope he ain’t lying to us. Hey, did you know you can buy lamb placenta in pill form?

In other news, after a less than satisfying dinner tonight, my sister and I headed off to Wendy’s for a more complete meal. We each ordered a Classic Single combo with chili to go. By the way, I’m not a big fan of chili but the stuff Wendy’s makes is awesome. It also has less than a third of the fat compared to french fries. Anyways, on our way out of the parking lot, I had to stop for this cyclist who was dressed all in black with no helmet or reflective equipment on. He was hard to see in the dark. My sister yelled out the window:

“Hey, put some reflective shit on!”

And to end, as I do every Tuesday night post, here’s a well-made amateur lightsaber film.


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