In a post I made almost three years ago, I mentioned how much I enjoy drinking plain hot water. Some of you have witnessed this first hand.

When you need as much hot water during the day as I do, it’s not practical to use traditional kettles to prepare the water. Once the water boils, it will cool down to an unacceptable temperature for restoring your vitality. Sure, you could re-boil it throughout the day, but what a pain in the ass.

Since drinking hot water has been so far been mainly an Asian culture thing, Asian appliance makers have developed solutions which meet the demands of hot water drinkers. The appliance you see above is a typical hot water dispenser. It’s designed to provide a large source of hot water throughout the day. Once the water reaches a boil, it can be set to keep the water at varying levels of temperature. The water will always be hot and available at an instant.

Some earlier models dispensed water through a manual pump mechanism where you had to push a large button to get your water. Some of you might remember the model I had at SJC worked on that principle. Newer models have an electric pump that dispenses the water for you. All that is required is a simple push of a button.

Safety is built into these devices. Sensors can detect low water conditions and will turn off the heating elements when the reservoir is dry. It’s also impossible to dispense the water by accident. A separate button must be engaged to unlock the pump before you press a different button to dispense the water.

The convenience of such products cannot be beat. Boiling water for things like pasta and noodles is available immediately. Tea or coffee can be made as quickly as you can say, “Tea, Earl Grey hot.” In the morning, no time is lost to waiting for water to boil.

If you’d like to know more, check out this model from Amazon.com. Or in general, try searching for “dispensing pot” on their site.

And that’s where babies come from.

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