It would be interesting if I reported that another person I know registered their own domain but that didn’t happen today. What did happen today was that it was a beautiful day and we went out for lunch down at Granville Island. We wound up at Sammy J. Peppers. I had a steak sandwich, medium rare. It was tasty.

Back at office, there was a tiny bit of drama. A hot water heater broke above one of the bathrooms causing water to cascade down from the ceiling. It flooded a large area of the office. Some people had to move their computers and stuff. The firemen had to come shut the water off for us but that took nearly an hour from the time the leak was discovered.

Shortly before 6pm, some water restoration and damage guys showed up to pump out all the water and generally clean up the place. I stayed a bit later today so I could hear them working. One guy called his girlfriend or something while he was working.

“You’ll never guess where I am right now. I’m at this graphic design place and their all have Nintendo DSes on their desks. It’s pretty cool!”

I silently sighed. No, we’re not exactly a graphic design place. We make video games. I didn’t feel like correcting him.

In other news, I’ve lost about ten pounds of weight in about three weeks! You can too! Ask me how!

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