In my last post, I mentioned how Tyson now has his own web domain. Over the weekend, I helped him set up a simple blog. Though I am glad he’s entered the world of blogging, we all know his focus should be on writing his thesis. Nonetheless, head on over to to give him some support.

Never wanting to be out done, went live on Saturday night. For a very reasonable fee, I helped Joel register his domain, buy hosting, and set up his e-mail. You can probably guess Joel’s new e-mail address. With his hosting account, J-Rod gets 501 e-mail accounts. He even gave me one. Guess who has erwin at joelmacmull dot com as an e-mail address now? Though there’s no home page yet, Joel’s hosting package has a plethora of fancy applications he can install onto his web server. For example, there’s magnetic poetry. Unfortunately, it only works in Internet Explorer. I’ve been told a blog will be forthcoming soon, so we’ll all have to stay tuned for that.

Who else will register their own domain now? It could be you next!

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