I understand that movies are all about suspension of reality, but Matthew McConaughey’s new movie, Failure to Launch, requires you to drink just a little too much Kool-Aid.

In the movie, he plays a handsome, successful dude who drives a nice car and has no trouble attracting women. The catch? He lives and has always lived with his parents. Get the fuck outta town. Dudes like that don’t live with their parents. The dudes who actually live with their parents are guys like me and even then, I’m only doing it to pay off some loans faster. McConaughey’s character is supposedly 35 years old and has never lived on his own. WTF? Hell, even I lived on my own for a few years.

This movie is an interesting development though. In the last 10 months, three movies now have loosely mirrored my life, the other two being Just Friends and Grandma’s Boy.

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