So I paid off my BC Student Loan tonight. Heh, just kidding… I wish.

There’s a lot going on at work right now. I wish I could write about it but I don’t want to wind up like one of those people who gets fired for blogging about work. Now you’re all probably wondering what’s going on. Sorry about that. Maybe ask me in person sometime.

My co-worker Dave drove me downtown to my bus stop today. That was so nice of him. Because I got there so early, I got one of those single person seats on the bus to Port Moody. There are only two of those per bus and I was in one of them! That allowed me to nod off before we even left the DT east side.

So I’ll leave you with an extremely geeky link. I try not to post these too often since I don’t want to alienate part of my audience but this site is just too cool. It’s a site that allows you to play old Commodore 64 games using just your browser! You need to have Java installed but most computers have that already. The games look identical to the originals. Play classics like Ghostbusters, Commando II, and Outrun. Click here to be transported back to your junior high days.

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