When my alarm went off this morning, I gave it my best but there was no way I was making it to work today. It hurt just to move my head, so I just went back to sleep.

It was around 10:15am when I woke up and it was time for me to inform the office I wasn’t coming in today. It took about fifteen minutes for me to crawl the two feet from my bed to the computer chair. Once there, I was able to send off an e-mail in short order. With that done, I crawled back into bed where I dozed off and on until 11:30am.

It was time to watch the women’s hockey gold medal game. Don’t tell my sister this, but I watched the game in her room because she’s got the bigger TV and the larger duvet. What followed was an entertaining two and a half hours of televised sport. Congrats to the ladies. They entered the Olympics as heavy favourites and never faltered once. Insert dig at Canadian men’s team here.

I spent the rest of the afternoon checking work e-mail and watching Ellen, Oprah, Dr. Phil, and a little bit of Montel. Say what you want about Oprah but she puts on a slick production. She had this one guest on that bought a pair of Oprah’s shoes from an auction. Whenever life threatened to overwhelm this lonely woman, she would put on Oprah’s shoes to give her strength. Both women got quite emotional over this as did some of the audience. I wonder if Oprah torrents exist? Can you imagine? Some 40 yr. old soccer mom from the mid-West with the name l33tMuther probably seeds the show every day.

Anyways, I took a short nap before dinner and when I awoke my two day long headache had miraculously disappeared. It looks likely I’ll be able to drag my ass to work tomorrow, though my sinuses are completely clogged now. Fair trade I suppose.

Holy crap, there are Oprah torrents! Here’s one for the show I watched today!

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