In a recent post, I briefly mentioned that the new VPD puppy was now named Diesel. This name was chosen among the many that children submitted in a contest. Because of the many Google hits I received on this topic, I thought I’d write a little more on this.

The VPD web site has released some info on the entries they received. Twenty-two entries were submitted with the name Diesel. The winning entry came from a 12 year-old girl named Christina. All 22 children will receive a tour of the VPD kennels and a private police dog demo. Despite it not being mentioned in the press release, I still believe all 22 children will witness the police dogs firing their service weapons as part of the demonstration.

You may read the entire release here.

Diesel will hopefully follow in long line of dedicated VPD dogs, including Nitro, who was unfortunately killed in the line of duty this month. Details of Nitro’s untimely end can be found at the end of this press release.

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