I’m gonna ramble on in this post about different things that have no connection between them. I’m really tired right now. I got the same amount of sleep I usually do last night, which is to say not enough, but I’m usually not this tired. I almost fell asleep at the restaurant at lunch today.

Hey, some more people at work found my web site on Friday. I wasn’t going to blog about work a lot anyways, but their discovery on Friday sealed the deal. Too bad for my readers, I had juicy stuff to dish… lol. Now, I’ll be limited to what I had for lunch at the office.

You’d think that being this tired would allow me to nap wonderfully on the bus this evening. Unfortunately, it was not to be. The driver dude neglected to turn the heat up, so it was more difficult to fall asleep. Then some moron in the back of the bus decided to open up the window. If that wasn’t enough, some valuable member of society was talking on his cell phone across the aisle from me. He wasn’t trying to show off or anything, he was just talking very loud. I hope for his sake, he’s actually mentally challenged because if he’s not… dude, it must suck being you.

In other news, the teaser trailer for X3 is out. After some early reports that the movie was going to be horrible, the trailer gave me a small ray of hope. Wolverine looks awesome as always. I was pleased to see Cyclops again. Beast looks kick ass. Is that really Kelsey Grammer underneath all that? Overall, it was a good trailer, gave me a semi if you don’t mind me saying.

Ok, good night.

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