Barely two months ago, I was able to divulge I was working on Shadow-Born, a game for the Nokia N-Gage system. Well, hot on the heels of that news is an admission from Nokia itself. In an interview with a news outlet, a senior VP at Nokia has admitted the N-Gage platform is not a success and that they would be stopping game development on the platform. They call it a pause in the grand scheme of things but I’m not so sure.

Internally, we’ve known about this for weeks but you can imagine how we felt when we found out. After busting our asses for months on the game, we discovered we were doing so on a failed platform.

We’re continuing to work on the game and we will finish it. Why? There’s a very good reason for it which might seem strange since the whole world now knows the N-Gage isn’t viable anymore in the eyes of Nokia. I can’t say more than that.

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