Tomorrow is the office Christmas party. We’re taking over Chivana located on W. 4th Ave. I’ve never been but the web site makes the place look promising. It’s not an open bar but everyone gets two free drinks. Since we’re a company that makes video games you can be sure two drinks will be more than enough for some to get ‘faced. We’ve been told we can eat until we can’t eat no more so at least no one will go hungry. The company has also hired a “band” for the evening. 8 Bit Weapon plays tunes from retro video games platforms such as the Gameboy, C64, and Atari 2600. 8BW used to be comprised of a guy and a girl but the girl left, so now it’s just a guy. I can’t wait until the guys awkwardly line up on one side of restaurant to perhaps ask the girls on the other to dance.

Actually, a lot of the guys at work are married or have girlfriends so it’ll be interesting to see their partners. Some dudes have adorable children too so at least I know have someone to talk to during the party. Though one guy explicitly stated he wouldn’t be bringing his girlfriend since he didn’t want her to meet us. Funny.

This will be my third office that I’ve experienced Christmas parties with. The first was with Cypress Solutions. Despite being a horrible company to work for, they actually had a very classy party. The second was with a small local company called Electronic Arts Canada. The EA party occurred during a “lean” year so it was held in the EA cafeteria. The year before I got there, the party happened atop Mount Seymour and they hired Matt Good to play. As luck would have it, EA is having their party tomorrow as well. They’ll be at the Vancouver Convention Centre. Rumour has it if our two groups meet downtown, there will be a slapfight (not in the face) of massive proportions.

I’ll bringing my camera tomorrow to capture some of the merriment. I’m hoping some people get plastered and do some crazy things. Fingers crosssed.

Before the party though, our office’s charity raffle will take place. All the money will go towards the Children’s Hospital Charity. Prizes include a PSP, board games, a few video games, a spa treatment, and some other stuff. I bought five tickets but I found out today that in total 314 tickets have been sold. The good thing is that you can only win one prize, so if you bought 100 tickets and win a book, all your 100 tickets become invalid. So my odds are slightly better than 5/314… I think.

Ok, I’m off to hear what Jonny Stewart has to say tonight.

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