Hey, did you know that I was suffering from food poisoning on Friday? Yep, it was fun times I tell ya. This is exactly the type of stuff you come to this blog to read up on.

It started even before I got up on Friday morning, when there were rumblings “down there”. I ignored them at first but when I arose and my feet hit the empty cans of Coors around my bed, I knew something was amiss. I quickly made my way to the bathroom where unspeakable things transpired.

Actually, at this point I didn’t think it was food poisoning. I felt much better afterwards and went about my business of getting ready for the long ride in from the boonies. I’m not sure how it happened but I survived the whole trip to the office without incident. There was one point, however, on the bus where I felt a slight twinge but it soon passed.

No sooner had I logged on to my computer that things began to take a turn south. I began to feel extremely uneasy. Minutes later, I knew I had to take care of more business. I headed to “Vader’s personal chamber” or also known as my private bathroom located in my office building. What followed was a tale of personal struggle, fit for a made-for-TV movie. After I was done, I could not help but walk unevenly back to my cubicle. I felt weak and this is no lie, I was actually dizzy. It was at this point I realized this was most likely food poisoning.

The possible culprits at this point numbered two. The first was a grilled cheese sandwich I made the evening before. The other was dinner which was prepared by my parents. I surmised it was something from dinner since my grilled cheese was prepared with fresh bread and cheese. Remember, it was my own mother that caused the worst case of food poisoning I’ve ever had just over a year ago.

Weakened, I returned to my desk to slowly sip hot water. I managed to get through the morning but lunch was another trial. We had a going-away lunch for a co-worker which thankfully was right next door at Accents. Everyone had appetizers and a main course. After eating my delicious bliny crepes, I was feeling ok but then that all changed. Oh boy, were there some rumblings going on. It was really touch and go for a bit but it subsided and I was alright to eat the main course of pan-seared scallops with a wonderful seafood risotto.

Not ten minutes after returning from lunch, I realized things weren’t alright after all and it was off to the races again. I stumbled back to my desk and it was at this point I began thinking I might need to go home early. I stopped drinking and eating after this and just tried to concentrate on my work.

I got the ok to leave early but I had to be sure I was going to be able to make it through the 1.5 hour transit time back to the boonies. I stayed until 5:30pm before “emptying out the tank” one last time and I made a dash for transit.

Luckily, the journey home was uneventful. When I arrived home I began to feel hungry, which I took to be a good sign. I should have just eaten soup and crackers but I’m not that smart so I ordered chicken wings and a garden salad. They were damn good.

I suffered no ill effects from dinner and other than enough gas to fill the Hindenburg, I was alright for the rest of the evening. I’ve been more or less good since then. What a day though.

Keep it solid folks.

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