I was late for work by 20 minutes today. Traffic was backed up on Hastings. Usually when that happens I’m always positive that the cause is something to do with traffic that’s trying to get on the Second Narrows bridge. I also know that whatever is the problem is, the bus will be clear of it beyond the PNE.

So we’re easing along until we get to the turnoff for the bridge where I’m sure to see what the fuss is about. We get to the turnoff and there it is. A long articulated bus is stopped in the lane for the bridge. It’s hazards are on and I can see transit supervisors milling about the bus. There are no police nor ambulances around. As we move forward, I can see a white sedan is right up against the front of the bus but perpendicular to it. It looks like the bus t-boned the sedan. The damage is not too serious looking but it’s obvious both doors have crumpled in.

Now heres’s the weird part. On the sidewalk, talking to one of the transit supervisors is former MP, former mayor of Coquitlam, and now city councillor of Coquitlam, Lou Sekora. If you’re from tri-cities boonies area, you know this man has been in local politics for well over two decades.

Was he the driver of the white sedan? Did he witness the accident? Did he feel like he just had to get involved? I don’t know. It was however, the oddest thing I saw today.

Change of subject, but if you’re a fan of the local hockey team, there’s an excellent set of pictures from the Canucks’ road trip down to Cali from a few weeks ago. It’s interesting to see them check e-mail, lounge around the pool, walk on the beach, try on cowboy boots, and eat meals on a tiny airplane tray. Check it out here.

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