For the record, I did go back to Swiss Chalet on Friday to once again try to clear my name with Megan/Meghan. Once again, I was informed that she was not working that night. It appears she may not be working Fridays at all now. I wonder if that has anything to do with us? I neglected to ask what her new schedule was. Nevertheless, I had a fabulous double-leg dinner which never disappoints. Tasty!

On Friday, the inevitable also happened. Someone from work found my blog. It didn’t come as a surprise really. I knew it would happen but I just didn’t know when. All it really takes is to put my name in Google and there you go. That’s what Tim did around 5pm. I saw the access on my server logs about 20 minutes later. I was also able to see he searched for his name on my blog. The search came up empty of course. From the day I started my job, I was very cognizant of the dangers of putting too much info about work on a blog. People have been fired from their jobs for doing exactly that. So while you’ll read about what game I’m working on and when I’m working OT, you’ll get very little info about my co-workers or anything that personal. I certainly wouldn’t air out on my blog any beefs I might have with upper management. You’ll have to ask me in person if I have any of those.

The rest of the weekend was quite uneventful. I drove out to UBC on Saturday to play hockey with what turned out to be a disappointing crowd. It was 3 on 2 for most of the time. Tyson did his best in asking a ton of SJC people to play. Nearly everyone’s excuse was that they had too much work to do. No matter how bad SJC will continue to slide into suckiness, that excuse will always be there.

After hockey, we headed on over to the Thunderbar for some beer, food, and the Canucks game. The T-Bar is a decent place to watch several games actually. The bar overlooks the ice surface so if you’re lucky, like we were, you get to see UBC varsity hockey at the same time. For those living on-campus, you can’t beat the convenience, especially if you’re itching to get back to work after the game.

Sunday was a most boring day, the highlight being my trip to Safeway to buy an 8-pack of frozen pizza.

That is all.

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