There’s a pretty good thread going on at the Discover Vancouver web site message board. Some guy in Vancouver got tired of being lonely and starting posting his experiences trying to get dates in the city.

If he’s at all genuine, I think it’s a pretty bold move to be revealing all your dating activities (or lack of them) on a public forum. The next thing you know, he’ll be telling us what he had for lunch everyday.

He’s a gotten a lot of support from other people who check in periodically to see how he’s doing. Of course, he’s got a lot of detractors as well. A few have said without extremely good looks and/or a wad of cash, he’ll be destined to stay single in Vancouver as, in their opinion, a large majority of women in this city are superficial ice queens. While certainly there are exceptions to this rule, I’ve seen the exact type of woman that’s described on many occasions. For normal guys in Vancouver, dating is indeed a very difficult activity.

I’m hoping the poster finds some measure of success but nevertheless, it’s fun to read his exploits.