Sure we all see the Canucks on TV and maybe even at the bowling alley, but do you wonder what they do when they’re travelling to road games? Once in a while, the Canucks web site offers a small glimpse into the players’ off-ice life.

In the latest set of pictures, we get to see the players on the plane down to California. Apparently, there’s no snack cart onboard, it’s all self-serve for the boys. Reading the paper also seems like a popular way to pass the time. As seen here, Bert catches up on the sports scores. Notice the ad in the lower left-hand corner of the paper, yep, that’s him in it. Trev looks pretty interested in a business book. Could the current president of the NHLPA be looking at a business career after hockey? A lot of the players like to take off their dress shirts on the plane. Half the guys are lounging around in their undershirts. See the rest of the pictures here.

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