I had my performance review at 10am sharp on Friday. I took an earlier bus just to be there on time. Though the bus was just ten minutes before the bus I usually take, it was a world of difference. There was hardly anyone on the bus. I rode into work in style and comfort.

The whole process went well. They gave me a copy of the review. It was all positive for the most part. I was told, however, to ensure that I wear underwear to work. Well ok, maybe that wasn’t on the review.

There are also rumours at work that we maybe moving to W. 1st Ave. and Fir Street. This was one of the locations that was visited by our company when they did a tour of available office space. If we did move there, it wouldn’t happen until after the new year. My commute time would probably identical to the one I have now. It would be a shorter distance to travel but more walking time from the bus stop.

Of course, this is all unofficial hearsay and one of the other options is to just stay where we are. It wouldn’t be all that bad if we stayed but I will admit, our current office is the most unglamourous video game workplace I’ve ever seen. It’s certainly a far cry from the sleek campus that EA has in Burnaby and we sure don’t have a log cabin at our place like Radical does. I’ve been told the Fir Street location is more along the lines of what kind of office we should be in.

Ok, so that’s your Monday morning post.

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