As some of you know, I’ve been working on a single game since the middle of June. I haven’t said much about it since they make you sign all these non-disclosure agreements when you get hired. Several weeks ago, we were told that the game would be announced to the public in Barcelona the second weekend in October. That would make it next weekend. I was really looking forward to that since I could then finally tell everyone what I was working on and point them towards a web site or other promotional material. That kinda all changed Friday at 5pm.

The entire game team was herded into the lounge for a meeting. This was weird since we usually don’t have team meetings near the end of the week, especially so late on a Friday. There were some really important company big-wigs at the meeting too.

I cannot divulge exactly what was said at the meeting except to say there were some suprising news. What I can say is that I’ll be working on the game a few more months than I had anticipated. Last but not least, there is also tiny, teensy small chance I’ll be moving to Prince Edward Island for a few months… sometime in late winter or early spring… maybe… we’ll see.

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