The bus to work was surprisingly empty this morning. I got a seat all by myself where I rode in comfort all the way downtown. When I got to work, there were lots of people who stayed home sick from apparently the flu. I’m not sure if it was that avian kind that the news keeps talking about.

For lunch, I went to Bimini’s. I had the BBQ chicken burger. I indulged myself with fries and gravy as my side. It was decadent.

Right before I left work, Tim showed me this horrendous bug in a part of the game that I wrote code for. It nagged me but I had to leave it for the next day since I had to go catch a bus downtown. I wanted to get some pants into the alteration place before they closed.

I then went home and made dinner by myself since everyone else had gone off to do other things. And that my friends, is a day.

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