I know I promised you tales of long bus rides, my lunch, and bugs leaving body orifices but to be honest, I’ve touched upon those same subjects in previous blog posts. Here’s a fun game, try to find those posts.

If you’re like me, you love reading blog posts about things that have absolutely no meaning and add little to no insight on life. This my friends is such a post.

About two years ago I bought an optical Logitech mouse. I even blogged the event in a memorable post. I still have the mouse. The first time I plugged the mouse in, it glowed red, a wonderful, warm shade of red. Then when I shut down my computer, it continued to glow red. As I sat there, looking at my new mouse, I wondered, “Hmmm… this sumbitch is still getting power.”

I thought that the little LED that made it glow red might burn out too quickly if it was on all the time. What could I do though? Unplug my mouse everytime I shut down my computer? Nah, I knew I was too lazy for that.

So, I kept it plugged in. At night, when I was in bed, I could see my mouse bathed in an ethereal red glow on my desk. Sometimes, I would move a chair in front of it so I would stare at the glow all night.

For over two years, my mouse has glowed red almost non-stop save for a few power outages and the odd move to and from UBC. Total time in the last two years when wasn’t plugged in? Probably less than ten hours. That’s pretty good for a $13 mouse.

If you’ve read this far, congrats on learning something that didn’t enrich your life in any way.

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